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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stupid Hitz.fm callers

I was in the car one day when the DJ, Adam C said, "Ok its now time to read our e-mail dedications. We have Azlan from Penang. Azlan writes,"Play me a song from the 80's --- the years before I was born."

Then another day, Adam C/Ean got a caller. He said,"i wish to dedicate a Jesse McCartney song to my girlfriend who just broke up with me. Sarah! WHY did you break up with me? Now im lonely! So I'll break up with you first by dedicating this JEsse McCartney song to you!"

The DJ replied, " How can you break up with her first if she already broke up with you?"

The caller shouted, " Shut up and just play the JEsse McCartney song la!"

DJ : Ok ok ok.



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