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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Yesterday in school , during our physics paper , one question had an error where the pictures of the two different light bulbs were mixed up and had to be shifted to replace each other (the right pic goes to the left , the left pic goes to the right) , then our physics teacher (not mentioning names) came in to tell us of the correction and then started to write the correction on the white board , instead of writing shift he started writing ... S....W...I...

then he paused to think for a while , i think this was whats going through his head " hmmm.... sif sif , how to spial sif ah ? my england is so powderful everytime aso i scold the sudents with my bombiastick enlish , must not ask them how to spial , let's see , sif sif , aiyo , its shwif i think .."

And then , he completed the sentence on the white board


english yang canggih



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