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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ms.Yap .... Yes again

Today , in school , it was revision period for the students who were not taking the mandarin exam. I was in a 'study group ' that consisted of Leo , Tanzy and Set Wai Hong.

For two of the periods , Ms.Yap was the teacher in charge and she kept on bugging us although the rest of the class were more noisy kinda did a triple , saying something lame three times in a period.

First , she went over to Matthew who brought an all-red Man U sling bag and she asked Matthew " Why is your bag so red ? Chinese New Year ah ? "

Second , she came over again , and Leo tried to distract her by saying he was hungry and she said " You're hungry , eat your own fingers la "

Then , before she left the class she said " 5K and 5C , you're very noisy , next door are having an exam , don't be so noisy or NOISERER "

??? is that a word ???



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