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Sunday, May 4, 2008

The History of Chong(张)

It was the MBS-CBN Joint IU day. The long awaited performance by Aural Joint had to be delayed as one of the band members was late.

Luckily, there were enough brave people who are willing to do spontaneous dance or sing a japanese song while speaking with an imitated fake American accent.

Some were not bad as it was not prepared for; Some were hilarious, until today.

So after a few days, Afiq told us about something which had happened to him. He said :

"After the performance (by Aural Joint), I met Ken Hin's girlfriend. So he introduce me to his girlfriend. He said, "This is Afiq." Then she said,"HAH?! HE MALAY AH?!"

Waa so cham she talk to me like that then i said, "No. No. Muslim. Muslim."

Then he said to us, "Next time call me Chong la."

Afiq is a "Chilay" or a "Manese" or Malay + Chinese. I personally fell Manese is more suitable because "Chilay" sounds like "Chilli" and thats overrated. Even though "Manly" is not right but its the better alternative. Just take it as sarcasm.

The term Chilay and Manese is brought to you courtosey of another Chilay... i mean Manese who doesnt not wish to be named. Whoever who wants the full story on The History of Chilay and Manese, post a comment please to convince the original contributor to change his mine for he gave me a _|_ when i asked for permission. I can post it in the MSN Chatlogs format :D

1 Comment:

Magez said...

Muslim is just as bad @____@


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