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Sunday, May 18, 2008

" Fill up the room "

Three men were selected for a game that was organised which could win them some money...

The host of the game gave each of them $10,000 and then showed them three similair empty rooms that were the same in width , length , height and design....

The host said " each one of you will use the $10,000 given to you to fill up the empty room given to you in anyway you wish and then you get to keep the rest of the money "

The first man , laughing at the others as he think he was the smartest , said " haha , that's easy , I'll just use half my money to fill the room up with old newspapers and keep $5000 " and he did and got to keep $5000

The second man laughing back at the first man , said " haha , you thinks your smart , I'll use half of what you used to fill the room up with hay and keep $7500 " and he did and got to keep $7500

The last man spent $ 1.35 to buy a candle and $ 2.60 to buy a lighter and put in the centre of the room and lighted it up and said " Since the room can be filled up in anyway , I only spend $ 3.95 to fill the room up with LIGHT and keep $ 9996.05 " and he got the last laugh


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