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Saturday, May 24, 2008

E! News : Battle of The Hollywood Hotties

It was a joke ever since before anyone made a comment. The people who were to give comments were ALL comedians!

Demi Moore vs Sharon Stone

"People look better in this age, even though they are older, thanks to good nutrition, good food, and most importantly, plastic surgery."

50 Cent vs
Eminem vs Kanye West.

50 Cent

Fity, fitty, fitty . . . or is it FIFTY? Wow he's bragging about getting shot for 9 times? That's very encouraging to young kids. I think, you need to be shot at least 10 times to be considered cool."

"Nonono . . . being shot 9 times, that's now something you brag about; That just means you easy to shoot"


Eminem, very clever, very smart . . . my favourite kind of snack ;) "

Eminem, doesn't melt in your hand but melts in your mouth . . ."

(Eminem is derived from M&M, or Marshall Mathers, but M&M is also a type of chocolate candy)

When it came to Kanye West, they showed a clip of himself 2 things.

"Let myself introduce myself"

"I'm sure I'll have to buy myself a nice big new house to put all my awards"


Magez said...

I got watch eminem and demimoore part lol

Jie Xian said...

lol yala the stupid comedians. theres 1 fela who act gay everytime
aha! u reminded me :D


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