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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kar Jun & Teck Huat : How To Destroy the Virus in You Computer Part 1 & 2

26/7 : Part 2 updated

Firstly, i woud like to say that Teck Huat is the quiet type and Kar Jun is the 1st or 2nd in the whole form.

I only heard the convo halfway.

Kar Jun :

You don't on the computer for one month will die or not? I tell you ah . . . you off your computer for one month the virus sure die. Beause they got no food to eat!

Teck Huat :

But the virus can puasa (fast) . . .

Kar Jun :

Nevermind. Then you off it for 1 year lah. Then the virus will die from malnutrition. Like beri-beri ah . . . marasmus ah . . . rickets ah . . .

Part 2 : The Following Day

Kar Jun :

Are you sure 1 antivirus is good enough? Work 24 hours a day. . Somemore no bonus.

Teck Huat :

My antivirus software (BitDefender) got win ICSA award . . .

Kar Jun :

1 where got enough? Should at least have 2 --- One morning shift one night shift. If he want to go shopping then how?

Teck Huat :

Antivirus how to go shopping . . .

Kar Jun :

Neh --- Got eBay ma.



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