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Friday, June 20, 2008

Lester meets a Girl

Lester, like every guy in the world, gets attracted to Pretty girls

so, one day

we met at a mamak stall and he proudly announce that he just saw the most "Beautiful" girl on earth

Lester: just now i saw the most beautiful girl in Sunway pyramid

us: then ?

Lester: when our eyes meet, i was like Walao-eh. my heart skipped a beat.

Tun hong (who was with him): LOL, then he go crash into a board.

us: LOLOL, wtf ! wad happened ?

Lester: (trying to justify wad happened) she so d*mn pretty, i can't take my eyes off her when I was walking until i crashed into a signboard.

Tun Hong: LOL, the girl looking at him somemore. Then he look at us and scold us, as if we pushed him into the board like dat

us: LOLOLOL wtf lololol.

lester: she really d*mn nice la. -_-

although Lester swear she's the prettiest girl on earth, at least in Msia, experience taught us not to bliv him when it comes to girls.



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