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Monday, May 12, 2008

Quek : The Rich boy

For the past few days, Benjamin Quek was been calling me "rich boy" every time he meets me. I wonder why so i call him "rich boy" back and comment on his dressings and how poor i am for example, i dont have this or that that a primary school boy may have. [ahem some may know what it is but now's not the time] All of that was just to prove that he is richer, which is the truth.

Then on last Friday, we met again, after the exam was over.

Benjamin Quek : Bye Rich Boy.

This time, i couldnt resist it anymore. Shaun and Tanzy was standing nearby and i spitted out what i've always wanted to say.

JS : Bye Fat boy.

Shaun : XD

Tanzy : XD

Suprisingly, Quek kept on walking, not turning around and did not show signs of slowing down when he raised his left hand above his head and,

Quck : _|_

JS + Shaun + Tanzy : XD



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